za Agri Gyroplane

von Greg Vos

Recently we announced that we will together with Noble Aerospace build and develop aerial application aircraft.
Wagtail and Noble Aerospace are joined at the hip with one of South Africa’s most respected Chemical Engineer’s being responsible for the aircraft design and distribution system.
I was delighted to spend a few days with Noble Aerospace’s Craig Howie who has the responsibility of making sure the company is always at the cutting edge of technology and it’s a fact that Wagtail the only commercial Gyroplane manufacturer in Africa is leading the way.
Craig and I debated the various offerings from Wagtail, the decision to focus only on Military and Commercial manufacturing was taken.
I will going forward put out some information on our Mill spec equipment, today I will outline a market leading product that can service the smaller crops at a fraction of the cost of say the air tractor or smaller Pawnee.

Traditionally the farmers with smaller crops say 2 - 12 Hectares could not afford aerial fertilisation or herbicide application, with crop sprayers simply unaffordable and not willing to service these smaller bespoke clients. Using a trailer or boom sprayer in fields is not always practical with wet ground making a driven vehicle a very destructive option, this led to the development of the Agri Aero Commercial Gyroplane.
This unique machine can lift with ease 200 -300kg of fertilisers or herbicide, not requiring a long runway and with quick and easy hopper refuelling that is done without shutting down makes this aircraft a tool that undeniably has application in this industry.
The Agri Trojan can lift in under 60 meters and land in less than 5 ( in the right hands) making it a versatile and affordable aircraft.

Wagtail has developed a chemical distribution system that offers exact spray application based on GPS ground speed application, a new wet spray set up is under development and will be brought to market in the next few months.
Reliable, robust, affordable as well as effective solutions to the farmer needing fast application one needs to look no further.

Next week sees our team dusting a quick 150 Hectares in maize environment with many delegates from various pesticide and Fertilisers companies coming to a live demonstration.

Sough African engineering built and designed for a harsh demanding environment, Wagtail is a SACAA approved aircraft OEM, we also do bespoke maintenance and flight training