Gyro School

Cierva Aero

Habla a: 561 Skyranch Drive, Petaluma, CA, 94954
Sitio web de entrenamiento: https://Cierva.Aero
Número de teléfono: 8134822626
Correo electrónico:

Michael Burton graduated magna cum laude with a professional pilot degree in aviation science and has been working in aviation since 1999. In August of 2001, he began working as a chief flight instructor, and has trained hundreds of students over thousands of hours of instruction. Marc Campell’s aviation career began flying for the Civil Air Patrol at age fourteen, following in the footsteps of his father, a naval aviator. He graduated with a degree in composites engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and went on to own two composite manufacturing companies. In 2016, Marc set the transcontinental speed records for East to West, West to East, and round trip flights. Together they founded Cierva Aero with a focus on their standard of high quality for both instruction and aircraft.