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Adresse: Sleap
Numéro de téléphone: 07944118995

Back in the days ,I had to watch others fly and hope my turn would come one day............................ It Did !

Asked what types of aircraft I have flown, the list would be long , but asked what my passion is, its much shorter and the answer would
be "Gyros" My log book starts in 1980, but got really exciting in 2010 when I took my first Gyro flight. Soon after I purchased an MTO sport,
shortly there after then a Calidus........... Laterly it was a Cavalon , the aircraft that I qualified to become an Instructor in.
I was pretty cross to find Gyros were not universally welcomed by GA airfields and notable bans or quasi bans were in place in my region,
for no good reason and totally the wrong perceptions. I then set about my what I call my silent "revolt".... which was to espouse gyros from a higher standpoint....that of an Instructor. It worked and the region has gradually opened up to Gyros and learned to respect our type among peers.
Not one to be held back, I went onto to buy my own Hanger at Sleap and form the Gyro Hub there. We can Train you , service and Hanger your aircraft, offer you ON AIRFIELD overnight stayovers , a car to book and explore Shropshire and Wales with, and we wont charge you any landing fees when using our facilities. So there you have it, a haven and a paradise in the middle of the Country.

Come see us, you will be made welcome 07944118995 STEVE PEARCE CFI