The Gyrocopter Experience Doncaster

Address: Sandtoft Airfield, Belton, Doncaster, DN9 1PN
Training Website:
Phone Number: 07485015257

Personalised & Professional Flight Training
Gyrocopter Experience Doncaster is operated from a licensed Aerodrome with great facilities and a fantastic Happy Cafe, offering great food and refreshments.

Over the past 10 years The Gyrocopter Experience has taught people from all walks of life to be highly competent gyrocopter pilots and instructors throughout its various locations in the UK and overseas.

Everyone from commercial airline pilots to complete novices have come through our training academy to successfully complete their Private Pilot's Licence (Gyrocopter) or PPL(G).

If you want to learn how to fly a gyrocopter (otherwise known as gyroplanes or autogyros) above the stunning Yorkshire countryside you'll find that we're the perfect fit.