ke Gyrocopters saving African Elephants

by Keith Hellyer
Kvalifikovaný pilot

Keith Hellyer is the anti-poaching pilot for the Wildlife Works Elephant Protection Trust.  He conducts daily aerial patrols, to support the ranger force in Tsavo's Kasigau Corridor to try and stop and prevent elephant poaching from happening in this vast wilderness. 

The Kasigau Wildlife Corridor is located between Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Park and covers 2,000 square kilometers. The 14 group ranches that collectively make up this corridor provide an important habitat and dispersal area for wildlife between these two protected areas. There are approximately 11,000 elephants in the Tsavo ecosystem and roughly 2,000 of them that rely on the corridor as part of their movements in search for water between the two national parks. 

Aerial surveillance is one of the most effective means of reducing wildlife crime, and is needed now more than ever in an effort to curb elephant poaching. 


Our daily aerial patrols are conducted with Keith's Magni 24 Gyrocopter, and we have seen a major impact with the gyrocopter's presence.