za Teaching a mate from school

Greg Vos
Zkoušející letu

So I had a nice surprise a few years back, I was instructing at a local club. You know when your standing around just thinking about The lottery numbers ....( & how many wives you would have with a collection of exotic cars😈) then I hear a guy saying my name, I turn round and we’ll here is a guy I had not seen in 20 odd years.

Steve, he decided at age 52 that he wanted to earn his wings a life long dream! I was privileged that I was assigned as his primary AB initio instructor 😁🍺

So the journey begins, Steve was not a natural pilot, and very nervous, in fact a number of times Steve confided in me during ground school that he wanted to give it up.
As instructors we are here to mentor and pass on knowledge, Steve was a real challenge because he was not a natural Pilot and many times in flight as the lessons started to pick up with emergency procedures and recovery from unusual attitudes Steve would be a little uncomfortable and I would have to intervene.

I’m known for not intervening to early, wanting a student to experience what is going on and to asses where the student pilot is as far as understanding the aircraft and that the person is making appropriate decisions.

As instructors we know that older students take longer to learn than the youngsters, that said I have found older guys take longer to master a technique but also don’t forget it as quickly.

Steve and I had a few heated days over his training and I’m pleased to say we got a to a point where I was comfortable to send him solo🍺, so after a duel check with our club CFI off he went, a great circuit and flown very nicely, I’m unsure who was happier when he returned to the runway safely 😳😳 Steve or myself 😂

Attached is a pic of Steve proud to be wearing his stripes for the day, I also attached a picture of a few months later wherein he achieved his Pilots licence and we all enjoyed the evening with him.

Sadly Steve has decided not to fly after a few months of not remaining current, he just needed to do and add it to his bucket list, well done Steve, may the memories of your training remain in your mind.