Výrobce: Trixy Aviation d.o.o.
Adresa: Eschbuehel 10 F, A-6850 Dornbirn,
Webová stránka:
Počet sedadel: 2
motor: Trixy 1200 GS (115HP
zdvihy motoru: 4
baldachýn: open
maximální vzletová hmotnost (kg): 560
prázdná hmotnost (kg): 270
uspořádání sedadel: tandem
typ vozíku: wheels

The model spirit was designed based on the specifications of the German gyrocopter guide rules and the British standards for building ultra-light gyrocopters BCAR, section T.The structure passed and exceeded the requirements for MTOW of 560 kg. The flight tests have proven excellent flying characteristics, which makes this type ideal for the use as a flight trainer. The cabin and the empennage of the model Spirit are made of high qual-ity carbon fibre composite in a sandwich construction. They are manu-