fr Gyrocopter flight school

by Pierre Couder
Zkoušející letu

Hello, m'y name's Peter, I've been a pilot for 25 years on helicopter and gyroplane for 10 years. I fly from the nice town of Biscarrosse, 1h from Bordeaux, along the beautiful sand beach of Landes, near the Dune of Pyla, perfect for sight seeing tours.
I'm a flight instructor and examiner on gyrocopter, I've flown several models but my heart goes to Magnigyro, my M16 Tandem trainer (rotax 914) and the new M24+ with Rotax 915 and 140hp.
I fly all year, also around the country's best places, to train pilots and instructors, and to grow the number of gyronauts ! Feel free to come and visit me ! Nice flying to all !