configure encoder

configure the encoder for first use

Connecting the encoder through your phone hotspot

the encoder is shipped preconigured to connect to a wifi network named 'pilotsphone' with password '12345678'.

  1. connect the encoder to a 5V USB power supply using the included USB cable
  2. set the name of your phone hotspot to 'pilotsphone' (on iPhones this is done by changing the phone name under general settings) and set the pasword to '12345678'.
  3. switch on the hotspot and wait about 10 seconds for the encoder to connect
  4. you are now ready to setup the encoder: open the flight recoder app and add a new camera.
  5. press the auto configure button. This will set some default parameters in the encoder (the RTMP address, optimal video settings, etc)
  6. in the configuration window that opens you can make additional adjustments, e.g. update the hotspot name and password, however you can simply close this and keep the defaults.
  7. Test the connection by pressing the "start stop" button on the flight recorder app to begin/end streaming. NOTE: The streaming is automatically started/stopped when you begin/end your flight