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volo da Nettuno a Castel del Monte

by Paolo De Costanzo
Flight Instructor

This time i've been flying to Castel del Monte, in the southern region of Puglia, where i could overfly the wonderful Castel of the Emperor of the Roman Empire Fredrick II, built by the 1240, a fascinating ans symbolic world heritage monument, in a octogonal plan, whose design reproduces the gold ...
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World Altitude record with Magni M16
Isle of Wight
Derwent Dam Dambuster Run
volo da Nettuno a Castel del Monte
Gyroflight over Costa Smeralda
Summer Flight over Northern Sardinia

Discover the most exciting development in private aviation

Gyroplanes (or Gyrocopters) represent a silent revolution in personal aviation that has taken off in the last 10 years: like microlights they are small two-seater flying machines but UNLIKE microlights they fly as stable as a Jumbo Jet even in gusty conditions, cannot stall and can land in spaces as small as a tennis court.

Travelling with a gyroplane

Some Journeys we have been on

Gyroplanes are the ONLY way to visit the countryside, and because of their versatility, you can land in a back garden of a pub or in an international airport. Head to our interactive map to see a sample of our journeys

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Become a gyroplane pilot

Depending on the country, to fly a modern gyroplane you will probably need to gain a nationally recognised Pilot License.
For example in the UK it is the Private Pilot License (PPL-G). Gyroplane Schools can now be found in all parts of the UK. Chances are that there is one not far from where you live!