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Rejoining Nottingham City Airport Circuit Sept 2019

by Jim Ingram
Qualified Pilot

I always think aloud when flying solo - I find it helps me concentrate.

It also gives me some idea of what was going on when I look back at the video.

This is a short clip of me rejoining Nottingham City airport last September (2019) with audio from the Tower (AG) and other circuit traffic.
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Gyroplanes (or Gyrocopters) represent a silent revolution in personal aviation that has taken off in the last 10 years: like microlights they are small two-seater flying machines but UNLIKE microlights they fly as stable as a Jumbo Jet even in gusty conditions, cannot stall and can land in spaces as small as a tennis court.

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Gyroplanes are the ONLY way to visit the countryside, and because of their versatility, you can land in a back garden of a pub or in an international airport. Head to our interactive map to see a sample of our journeys

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