Record breaking Gyroplane fly-in

Over 70 gyroplanes landed in Old Warden,UK on Saturday, may 21st!

Steve Paffett, the president of the British Rotocraft Association, has this to say

I am so pleased to tell you that the Gyro Record Breaker was a spectacular success achieving a total of 72 autogyro’s landing at Old Warden between 08:30 and 16:30. The 8 hour event period we will be submitting to Guinness. Thank you to all who came to see us, thank you to all the pilots some of whom had travelled from such places as Yorkshire, Cumbria, Gloucestershire and Shropshire and thankyou to all the Staff and Volunteers both from Shuttleworth and the British Rotorcraft Association and the LAA that made it all possible. Thank you – you are all amazing
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