Help and FAQ's is a community lead multilingual site dedicated the evangelisation of gyrocopter/gyroplane flying. If you are a gyro-pilot you are most welcome to join us please create an account and profile for FREE, so that you can appear along with your fellow pilots in the world directory Verified members enjoy an ever growing set of features:
  • Ability to connect with other pilots
  • Create flight stories with the slick online editor. These will appear on our world route map for everyone to enjoy
  • Instructors can also create a page of your school/club which will appear in the schools directory
  • Real-time flight recording tool downloadable as a Web Application onto your GPS enabled device (phone or tablet)
More details on these features are given in the sections below

Record your journey and share your real-time location Flight Recorder App just released!

You can now use your GPS enabled mobile phone to automatically record your flight into your account, use it to create your stories, and share your real-time location with your buddies!
The major feature is that it works in the background, even when you switch off the screen! So you can happily run it in conjunction with your favourite navigation app in the foreground (eg SkyDemon,etc)
Download them here
Get it on Google PlayGet it on Apple Store
You can then use the recorded tracks in your flight reports and stories on Moreover┬áyour real-time progress will be visible on making it perfect for coordinating fly-ins with your pilot friends, or for instructors to track their students solo flights ­čÖé
IMPORTANT! On android 9+ and IOS 13+, before using the App, in your phone location/privacy settings you must authorise the app to run in the background, otherwise the app will suspend while not in the forefront
Tracking on other deices
For all other devices you can run the app in your browser from the tracker page. This will work on any device, but the page does need to remain in the foreground to keep recording.

Import your routes files from SkyDemon or similar apps continues to receive new features! You are now able to import and your routes from kml files into your account. The feature is available on your track manager in your account. Upload and view them directly on the track manager via the inbuilt viewer. The track manager is also where your journeys that you record using the App as explained  above.

View your routes on Google Earth!

From the track manager you can also export these flights as a file that can be viewed in Google earth

Notifications and alerts

Be notified when other members go flying or post stories continues to gain new features to foster collaboration and engagement among its members. Verified members will see on the profile page of each other member a couple of "follow" buttons Switching these on will allow the system to send you an email when this member goes flying or creates a story. You can view and manage all these notifications also from your notifications panel.

Alerting your friends (and not just members)

In the notifications panel you can also add email addresses of your friends and family who will be notified when you create a story or go flying. They will receive an email redirecting them to the live tracker page showing your real-time location.