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Our flight stories

Here is a selection of places we have flown to. Hover over the routes on this interactive map to view the stories

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Gyro Plane for law enfourcement
G-KTCH Has a new home
Landing at London Oxford
Gosport to Hailing Island
World Altitude record with Magni M16
Isle of Wight
Derwent Dam Dambuster Run
volo da Nettuno a Castel del Monte
Gyroflight over Costa Smeralda
Summer Flight over Northern Sardinia
Sorvolo delle Tre Cime di Lavaredo
Sion, Switzerland to Fairoaks,UK in a Gyro in a day
Xenon climbing at 1200ft/min
Student Gyro Flight along Coastal Alabama
The Conversion of a Fixed Wing Pilot
French TV show : Carnet de vol
Our gyro vacation in the Caribbean Sea
Non stop flying 23 june 2012
Engine failure training at 500ft AGL in initial climb.
A Flight up to the Matterhorn at 12,000 feet
A flight over the 4 Valleys in Switzerland
Circuits at Sion LSGS, Class D Airport
Practicas en el aeródromo.
Spring Flight From My PA Home
In flight over Ponente Coast of (Liguria)
FUCZ and SBA flying school
Kaimai Flight
Girolibre escuela de vuelo
Celebrated birthday in Gyrocopter
Magni M-16 NorCal River Run
Teaching a  mate from school
Instructors have a great job
Gyrocopters saving African Elephants
Flight over Rhein river
Gyrocopter flight school
False Bay Flight
Enroute Umkomaas from Kitty Hawk
Gyro flight Cromer to Rufforth East
Rejoining Nottingham City Airport Circuit Sept 2019
Emerald Bliss
California Poppies
Flying a Gyrocopter
Greek theater of Taormina
Monte Rosa and Monte Cervino
An Evening Flight In Lala Land...
Inside the Sicily
Flying around Europe
When the deserts Turn green
Guadalajara lakes
In flight over Lake Maggiore and the Borromeo islands
Flight over Cordoba
Gyrocopter memories
In Flight over Rosa Mountain 15500ft
Dunnottar Castle
Two Gyroplanes land in the field of a tiny Monastic island in Orkney
Unforgettable flight to Lundy Island
School pickup in a gyroplane
flight from cambridge to oxfordshire in a gyroplane
Lex and Luke fly to Wales
Ridgeway and Compton Downs - May 2018
Overhead join to 08 at Compton Abbas Oct 2018
4 Gyro Pilots Tour Europe
Flight over the roman lakes
Flight along the coast south of Rome
Flight to Tatenhill
Flight to Sandown on the Isle of Wight
Flight to Popham
Flight to oxford airport
Flight to Old Warden
Flight to Kingham
Flight to Henley
Flight to Firs Farm
Flight to Enstone
Flight to Drayton St Leonard
Flight to Brimpton
Flight over Oxford
Rotor Track & Balance (RTB) training
Danny Zuma
Monthly Gyrocopter Log M24+M22
Scottsdale Gyronaught