ke Danny Zuma

by Danny Zuma
Kvalifikovaný pilot

Daniel Zuma grew up in the Tsavo area and as a young boy, he lost his father to a buffalo attack while hunting for bush meat. Despite this, he decided to grow up protecting wildlife instead of killing them. With the support of our late VP of African Ops, Rob Dodson Daniel is on his way to make his dream of being the first bush pilot from his community to fly solo over our protection area of Tsavo.

Daniel was devastated by the sudden death of his friend and mentor Rob Dodson in March 2017. Not only did the lose a dear friend, he feared that he may never reach his goal. That's when donors decided to lead fundraising efforts to help him become a bush pilot. Donors raised the money for his Gyro training in England with Phil Harwood which he completed in Oct 2017.

He returned to Kenya with his dream fulfilled. He is now a pilot for Wildlife Works Elephant Protection Trust along side Keith