za Instructors have a great job

Greg Vos
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Just before the unfortunate corona lockdown I had a great day with Liesl Nel, Liesl did her licence with a local school, after gaining her NPL she went on to purchase a stunning as new Xenon, she approached me to do her conversion training.

It was a beautiful day in Cape Town and her local airport is Stellenbosch FASH, after a thorough pre flight I went through the take off procedures and what to expect, as the side by side configuration is a little different to the trusted M16 trainer she was familiar with.

I’m not sure we are supposed to have so much fun ‘all in a days work’ 😂 one thing she enjoyed it and I can say without a doubt she slept well that evening, we had the usual flight attitude issue with students who are converting to side by side with the instructor falling out the door with balance issues.😁😁
After a few landings and take offs I felt she needed a break, we decided to fly off to the coast and have a look at her local coast line from the air, this is Camps Bay Cape Town, and it is really a stunning coast line.

We also flew off to my local field FAFK and it was great for her to understand the radio reporting points and joining procedures.

We still have a bit of work to do before I send her solo in the xenon but all up it was great pleasure to pass on knowledge and to see that gyrocopter smile we all know so well.
Included are a few pics of a few of our flights 🙂