pl Xenon IV XL

Manufacturer: ARGO Aero Sp z o.o
Address: MANUFAKTURA Lotnicza Sp z o o EPSJ Lądowisko Sobienie Szlacheckie k. Warszawy
number of seats: 3
engine: Rotax 912ULS-T 145HP
engine strokes: 4
canopy: closed
maximum takeoff weight (kg): 600
empty weight (kg): 310
maximum speed (mph): 110
seat arrangement: side-by-side
carriage type: wheels

The Xenon IV XL replaces the previous models Xenon 2 and 3 XL. It uses the efficient Xenon IV airframe, internally reconfigured for up to three passengers adhering to the new 560 kg MTOW regulations.

Over the last 13 years the XENON has became an icon for flying qualities. It has always offered a powerful combination of the highest safety standards and great ergonomic design. The cabin is now a one-piece carbon-fibre monocoque structure, similar to a Formula 1 racing car, both reducing weight and providing additional safety to the crew.

The control panel has been redesigned to accommodate the central pilot position. The comfortable and ergonomically shaped seats, together with the high specification internal finishing, ensures that your flight is pleasant all the way.

In addition, the new back seats are more comfortable than before and more reclined. Passengers will also enjoy a new footrest. The instrument panel and control systems are fully redesigned to be modern and ergonomic. Finally, the doors have been redesigned in form, size and fixation to further increase accessibility, comfort and safety.

The Xenon IV is professionally supported by our team to ensure quality after sales service and maintenance support to our clients, with a web-based online parts ordering system. Additionally, the Xenon IV is manufactured according to leading industrial best practices, complying with ISO9001 quality standards.

The quality management processes now in place allow a high level of precision in quality control, combined with repeatable performance.