cy G1sE Genesis Sport

Manufacturer: Aviomania Aircraft
Address: 2, Agias Lavras Street, Dromolaxia, 7020, Larnaca
number of seats: 1
engine: Rotax 582 UL
engine strokes: 2
canopy: closed
maximum takeoff weight (kg): 320
empty weight (kg): 195
maximum speed (mph): 105
carriage type: wheels

Genesis Sport is our enclosed gyroplane offering the same advantages as our “Genesis CE” gyroplane as it retains 90% of the Genesis CE frame. Only the cabin, fuel tank and rudder pedals are changed. . The “Genesis Sport” is supplied as a convertible gyroplane, with fully enclosed and summer canopy.
The Genesis Sport also offers a true CLT design; a specially designed tail that compensates for most of the Engine’s TORQUE, preventing torque over, bunts over, power push over, PIO as much as possible & keeps the airframe always parallel with the rotor’s flight path, thus offering exceptional stability in all aspects of flight.
Engine options for this model are the Rotax 582, 912UL, 912 ULS and 914 turbo. The airframe will accept engines from 65 to 120 BHP.

On its first appearance in the USA the G1sE won the “The Most Innovative” and “Grand Champion” awards.
All materials and hardware used in the construction of “Genesis” are Aircraft Grade. (6061 T6, 4130 Steel, AN Hardware)