es ELA 07-Agro

Manufacturer: ELA AVIACION S.L.
Address: Polígono Industrial El Blanquillo, 7 Manzana 7 Parc 26, 14290 Fuente Obejuna, Córdoba
Phone: +34 957 58 51 75
number of seats: 1
engine: Rotax 914UL turbo 11
engine strokes: 4
canopy: open
maximum takeoff weight (kg): 500
empty weight (kg): 305
maximum speed (mph): 100
carriage type: wheels

The ELA 07-AGRO has been designed for professional use as an aerial crop duster. It can apply liquids at low and ultra-low volume. In addition, since it has the inherent maneuverability of the rest of the 07 series of gyroplanes, the 07-AGRO is well suited as a two-seater trainer. The fumigation boom has an 8.25 meter (27ft) wingspan, resulting in a swath width of 10 meters (33 ft) plus overlap. The boom can be easily and rapidly folded, allowing for the gyroplane to fit into minimal hangar space. It can also be flown with the boom in its folded position, greatly reducing drag. The gyroplane comes equipped with a GPS to fly fumigation-specific tracks and a 120 liters (31 gal) capacity tank for spraying product.

The entire 07 line has the most advanced passive safety systems, such as:
High-absorption main landing gear, rotor brake, wheel brake with parking function and four-point belt in both seats as an option.
The adjustment of the fumigation pumps can be, and must be, performed with the engine stopped. This provides quietness in the fumigation system adjustment operations with maximum safety.

Being an agricultural work gyroplane does not mean that we are resigned to having an unattractive aircraft! It shares the elegant silhouette of its sports family 07.
The main landing gear can be equipped with extra large wheels to operate easily on the narrowest and roughest ground.