es ELA 07-Cougar

Manufacturer: ELA AVIACION S.L.
Address: Polígono Industrial El Blanquillo, 7 Manzana 7 Parc 26, 14290 Fuente Obejuna, Córdoba
Phone: +34 957 58 51 75
number of seats: 2
engine: Rotax 914UL turbo 11
engine strokes: 4
canopy: open
maximum takeoff weight (kg): 500
empty weight (kg): 265
maximum speed (mph): 100
seat arrangement: tandem
carriage type: wheels

A record gyroplane We have re-defined the 07-Cougar features. Thus creating a symbol of independence. As its great predecessors used to be. Among them: 07, 07-Agro and 07-S. An ELA that continues to be an example of the sensation of being truly free.

With a refined and practical finishing, this 07-Cougar shows soft and sports lines.
Although this is the most basic model of the 07 line, a series of options can be added to make it compete with the most exclusive models of the line, therefore obtaining a fully customized gyroplane.
In order for the 07-Cougar to answer exactly to your needs and style, we have prepared a broad range of accessories. To make long trips with a passenger, you can add several options, such as a rear-seat shield to ensure a great protection against wind, leaf spring and tire fairings that reduce drag and provide a sportier aspect, and many other options.
Its look and design is much sportier and the features are absolutely irresistible.

The internal finishings of the 07-Cougar have the same quality as the ones from a sports gyroplane. Choose among different upholstery options to match your needs. The instruments are customizable, having the possibility to install several options such as the fuel admission pressure indicator, radio, GPS, exhaust temperature, among many other options.
The smart design of the internal space provides an optimum access to the main controls of the instrument panel.
There is a great variety of upholstery to customize your 07-Cougar, both in colours and textures.