es ELA 10-Eclipse

Manufacturer: ELA AVIACION S.L.
Address: Polígono Industrial El Blanquillo, 7 Manzana 7 Parc 26, 14290 Fuente Obejuna, Córdoba
Phone: +34 957 58 51 75
number of seats: 2
engine: Rotax 912 ULS 100Hp
engine strokes: 4
canopy: closed
maximum takeoff weight (kg): 530
empty weight (kg): 293
maximum speed (mph): 120
seat arrangement: tandem
carriage type: wheels

The 10-Eclipse is a two seat gyroplane in tandem configuration with an enclosed cockpit. The canopy is removable and easily replaced with a front windscreen, making this a convertible to be flown topless for an alternative flying experience. The 10-Eclipse is the our most capable gyroplane, with an endurance of 6 flight hours and a luggage capacity of 65 liters (17 gallons). Designed for traveling, its high performance and sophisticated interior finish will make your flying dreams come true.
The ELA 10-Eclipse is the most advanced, efficient and refined gyroplane model ever created by ELA Aviación.

It is the second model of our new generation of innovative gyroplanes, incorporating high technology, the latest design techniques and the most delicate craftsmanship.

Our attention to detail and style have given the fully shrouded mast, landing gear, wheels, and engine a spectacular and functional finish.

Elegance combined with comfort in an ergonomic interior give the flight controls a natural feel. Our forward leaning instrument panel is well laid out and lighted.

2In aviation, safety comes first and ELA Aviación is very aware of this, therefore we have designed the 10-Eclipse so that pre-flight tasks can be performed in the most efficient and simple way possible. Air inlets that ensure engine cooling are easily removable, thus leaving the engine partially uncovered providing an easy access to perform inspections.