es ELA 09 Junior

Manufacturer: ELA AVIACION S.L.
Address: Polígono Industrial El Blanquillo, 7 Manzana 7 Parc 26, 14290 Fuente Obejuna, Córdoba
Phone: +34 957 58 51 75
number of seats: 2
engine: Rotax 912 ULS 100Hp
engine strokes: 4
canopy: open
maximum takeoff weight (kg): 450
maximum speed (mph): 100
seat arrangement: side-by-side
carriage type: wheels

Without filters. Which means that nothing gets in the way between you and the world. Every one of the outer details gets you closer to the authentic flight experience. Renouncing to all that is superfluous. With clearly defined forms that obey above all to functionality. The result: a design perfected by the multiple challenges in the past, and with the relentless effort of our designers and bodywork masters.
No heating. No excess of instruments. No distractions. Should you miss something? Absolutely not. Every pound that we eliminated from the 09-Junior impacts its performance.
Ultra-short take-offs, wide speed range, from 35 km/h (21.74 mph) to 120 km/h (74.5 mph) of continuous cruise and with a maximum speed of 150 km/h (93.2 mph).