Address: 21, Industrial Area “Praveshki Hanove” 2161, Pravets
Phone: +359 7133 48 00
number of seats: 2
engine: Rotax 912 ULS 100Hp
engine strokes: 4
canopy: closed
maximum takeoff weight (kg): 560
empty weight (kg): 265
maximum speed (mph): 110
seat arrangement: tandem
carriage type: wheels

Lightning is an innovative project designed and manufactured by Niki Rotor Aviation Inc. The machine is also know as NIKI 2009 but now it has name that corresponds to its technical features.

Lightning has fully carbon fuselage, landing gear, tails, wheel pants. The control instrument panel together with the 2-tandem seats are also made of carbon.

The machine has closed cabin and has two doors which offer additional comfort and easy access to the spacious interior. If you prefer more dynamic flight experience you can just remove the doors and enjoy the open air cabin.

Niki Rotor Aviation offers custom friendly machine and has designed its products based on optimisation of hanger space, engine and rotor maintains. The whole construction is very compact and weight efficient so that it can fit to regular car par area.

The position of the tail makes the machine look more elegant and futuristic. It offers safety and breathtaking experience during the flight based on the spectacular panoramic view from both seats.