us Lightning

Manufacturer: Sport Copter
Address: Sport Copter, Inc. 34012 Skyway Dr. Scappoose, OR 97056
Phone: (503) 543-7000
number of seats: 1
engine strokes: 2
canopy: open
empty weight (kg): 127
maximum speed (mph): 80
carriage type: wheels

The Lightning comes with most of the Vortex components. The all triangulated airframe is built of large-diameter aluminum tubing, with a truly remarkable suspension system and the finest control system in the industry (Roto-Control) We have designed a new composite seat to ensure unparalleled pilot comfort and crashworthiness. Up-grading to a partial enclosure is easy. The new shock mounted rotorhead and independent toe-operated hydraulic disc brakes are standard.

We combined the finest engineering, components, and materials into the Lightning. This gives our customers the best in geometric,and aerodynamic efficiency. That's why the Lightning has excellent ground and flight performance. A step-by-step video is included with the assembly manual.

We recommend professional flight training for anyone interested in the Lightning.