us M2

Manufacturer: Sport Copter
Address: Sport Copter, Inc. 34012 Skyway Dr. Scappoose, OR 97056
Phone: (503) 543-7000
number of seats: 2
engine: Rotax 915iS turbo 14
engine strokes: 4
canopy: open
maximum takeoff weight (kg): 600
empty weight (kg): 300
maximum speed (mph): 110
seat arrangement: side-by-side
carriage type: wheels

The Sport Copter M2 prototype was displayed at our Oshkosh booth this summer. Designed for the Australian cattle mustering market, it will be the world's only rough-field two place gyro. It will also make for a superb trainer, being easy to fly and forgiving of student landings.

We are right now finalizing its all revolutionary carbon-fiber tail, of strength and beauty not seen on any other gyro.

The M2 will be test-flown shortly with the new Rotax 915 iS and MT constant-speed single-control prop, and we will post flight videos on this page.

Kit delivery will commence in Spring 2019, with base price (Rotax 912) of $86,500.
(Additional cost for Rotax 912, or 915 iS.)
Contact us for order positioning and deposit.