at TrixyEye

Manufacturer: Trixy Aviation d.o.o.
Address: Eschbuehel 10 F, A-6850 Dornbirn,
number of seats: 2
engine: Trixy 912 TI (152 HP
engine strokes: 4
canopy: closed
maximum takeoff weight (kg): 560
empty weight (kg): 300
seat arrangement: tandem
carriage type: wheels

TrixyEye is a Gyrocopter designed by Trixy Aviation based on the successful Model G 4-2 and enhanced for professional use in several fields, such as Aerial Photography, Media Broadcasting, Police Air Support, Traffic Observation, Border Control, Coast Guarding, Search & Rescue, Pipe Line Surveillance, Power Line Surveillance, Wide Area Fire Observation, Drug War, Avalanche Blasting, Animal Protection, Agriculture Spraying and many other Fields.

TrixyEye is designed to fly in different Climates with removable Canopy Glass and effective Cabin Heating System.

The Compact, Light Weight Construction requires Minimum Hangar Space and allows Easy Transportation of the Gyrocopter on Trailers or in Enclosed Mobile Hangars.

The Proven and Certified Camera Fixture allows the use of almost any Camera or Sensor. The Position of the Slide System close to the Center of Gravity of the Gyrocopter allows carrying heavier and larger Camera Systems. The Standard Glass Cockpit (Nesis III) is designed to display the Camera View along with Flight, Navigation and Engine Data. The Integrated Visual and Audible Warning System reduces the Workload of the Pilot and adds Remarkable Flight Safety while Performing Air Works.

TrixyEye is designed to carry an optional Drop Box or an Auxiliary Fuel Tank under the Cabin. The Drop Box may be equipped with Parachute to safely drop Rescue Gear and Goods. TrixyEye is easy and inexpensive to fly. It is designed with attention to Ease of Maintenance.