it M16 Trainer

Manufacturer: MAGNI GYRO SRL
Address: Via Volpina 23 21010 Besnate (VA)
number of seats: 2
engine: Rotax 914UL turbo 11
engine strokes: 4
canopy: open
maximum takeoff weight (kg): 500
empty weight (kg): 285
maximum speed (mph): 100
seat arrangement: tandem
carriage type: wheels

The Magni M16 Tandem Trainer is fully approved under BCAR Section T, the UK CAA’s approval standard for gyroplanes. Further certifications and homologations have been obtained in other countries. It is the best seller within the Magni Gyro range – favoured by customers for its versatility, reliability and the technical improvements made over the years. The Magni M16 is one of the world’s longest-established and most-produced factory built gyroplanes. It is fair to say that the M16 is the machine which showed the world what a modern factory-built gyroplane could do, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is the machine which launched the modern gyroplane industry. The design has been refined and improved over the years whilst retaining its overall dimensions and shape and it still delivers class-leading performance. The M16 is available with a range of accessories to meet every requirement and has an unmatched safety record within the industry.
The wide front instrument panel allows the installation of a range of customised avionics.

The rear padded seat and the windscreen equipped with a small instrument panel integrated with the fuselage design assure additional comfort to the passenger. A 20lt rear luggage compartment and two front luggage compartments are available for storing personal belongings, tools needed for flight, or luggage. The interior of the passenger compartment is equipped with a bottle holder and a pen holder finished with a special liner to prevent items from falling out. With a fuel capacity of 72lt, the Magni M16 has three and a half hours of endurance at a cruise speed between 120 and 150 Km/h.