nás VORTEX M912

Výrobce: Sport Copter
Adresa: Sport Copter, Inc. 34012 Skyway Dr. Scappoose, OR 97056
Webová stránka:
Telefon: (503) 543-7000
Počet sedadel: 1
motor: Rotax 912 ULS 100Hp
zdvihy motoru: 4
baldachýn: closed
prázdná hmotnost (kg): 256
maximální rychlost (mph): 110
uspořádání sedadel: side-by-side
typ vozíku: wheels

The VORTEX M912 was inspired by our Australian customers who needed a flying “workhorse” for mustering cattle, thus the “M” is for Mustering. We completely re-engineered this copter to accommodate Rough-Field flying. The enhancements include: a Longer Tail Boom, Larger Horizontal Stabilizer, Larger Outboard Fins, High Performance Suspension System in the main gear along with Nosewheel Suspension and a 4130 Steel Mast and Landing Gear. You can fly this single-place copter out in the open, or with its partially enclosed body.

As with all SPORT COPTER designs, the VORTEX M912 is equipped with a large composite Cyber Seat, which offers full support all the way to the top of the helmet, and lined with special shock absorbing foam cushions protecting the pilot. The seat and fuel
tank are separate, unlike some other Gyroplanes as Safety is our primary objective.
All VORTEX copters have the new Shock-Mounted Rotorhead and our high-performance Suspension System (including swing-arm nosewheel suspension) which are all standard. The VORTEX M912 is equipped with the four stroke Rotax 912 ULS, which is one of the finest aircraft engines available.