Chirp Report – Jumping Gyroplane

interesting article in CHIRP May 2021 Report – Jumping Gyroplane

Report Text: Although very familiar with the type, this was my first flight in this particular gyroplane. It was a very busy flying day and it felt like I had to break into the stream of landing aircraft. I lined up, pre-rotated [the rotor blade] to 200RPM and added power swiftly for take-off. The aircraft rolled 10ft and leapt into the air turning to the right. Surprised and impressed by the take-off performance, I pushed the nose down to stay down and gain speed along the runway. I needed lots of left boot and wondered if there was a problem with the tail. I also noted that the stick was very heavy and I was fighting the aircraft. I then realised I hadn’t released the pre-rotator and was in effect flying a helicopter. I released it and the aircraft swung left at 900 to the runway still at 10ft. I removed the left boot-full of rudder , corrected the heading and takeoff continued without further incident….

see here for the complete report

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