Perranporth Weekend

It is going to be busy this year as Cornwall fills up with Jubilee weekend revellers but in the day we can fly, in the evenings we can fly and after the flying we can eat, drink and chat gyro’s etc.

BRA members are free landing and camping (normally over £50.00) and if you are not a member the weekend will still only cost you £25.00. That includes as many landings and takeoffs as you like.

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Record breaking Gyroplane fly-in

Over 70 gyroplanes landed in Old Warden,UK on Saturday, may 21st!

Steve Paffett, the president of the British Rotocraft Association, has this to say

I am so pleased to tell you that the Gyro Record Breaker was a spectacular success achieving a total of 72 autogyro’s landing at Old Warden between 08:30 and 16:30. The 8 hour event period we will be submitting to Guinness. Thank you to all who came to see us, thank you to all the pilots some of whom had travelled from such places as Yorkshire, Cumbria, Gloucestershire and Shropshire and thankyou to all the Staff and Volunteers both from Shuttleworth and the British Rotorcraft Association and the LAA that made it all possible. Thank you – you are all amazing
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The world’s first flying car is nearing approval to fly in europe

Flying Car, PAL-V, a gyroplane, is first In the world to finalize certification basis with EASA.

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Magni Gyro M16PLUS and M24PLUS now NTCA Type Approved in South Africa!

Magni Gyro announce that our M16PLUS and M24PLUS gyroplanes have received the certification by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.
We are very enthusiastic about this new certification! – commented Vittorio Magni, CEO Magni Gyro – this achievement opens up new possibilities for the Rotax 915iS engine.”

Chirp Report – Jumping Gyroplane

interesting article in CHIRP May 2021 Report – Jumping Gyroplane

Report Text: Although very familiar with the type, this was my first flight in this particular gyroplane. It was a very busy flying day and it felt like I had to break into the stream of landing aircraft. I lined up, pre-rotated [the rotor blade] to 200RPM and added power swiftly for take-off. The aircraft rolled 10ft and leapt into the air turning to the right. Surprised and impressed by the take-off performance, I pushed the nose down to stay down and gain speed along the runway. I needed lots of left boot and wondered if there was a problem with the tail. I also noted that the stick was very heavy and I was fighting the aircraft. I then realised I hadn’t released the pre-rotator and was in effect flying a helicopter. I released it and the aircraft swung left at 900 to the runway still at 10ft. I removed the left boot-full of rudder , corrected the heading and takeoff continued without further incident….

see here for the complete report

AutoGyro GmbH restarts under new ownership

A new day dawns for AutoGyro GmbH as the company restarts under new ownership! Great news for everyone involved, owners, operators, maintainers and instructors. 

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